Machine Transliteration


Mentors: riyazbhat, sthottingal

The project aims on adding a state-of-the-art transliteration module for cross transliterations among all Indian languages including English.

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###Community Bonding Period

  • Project discussion with mentors.
  • Exploration of existing tools on Indic-transliteration.
  • Development of training data.
  • Initial Setup (packaging etc.).

###Mid Term Evaluation

  • Indic-to-Roman ML transliteration system.
  • Testing and Validation.

###Final Evaluation

  • Indic-to-Indic transliteration system (both Rule-based and ML systems).
  • Testing and Validation.
  • Documentation of entire project.

GSoC 2016 - Projects

Thank you for posting . Please keep updating project updates with blog links here


The link doesn’t work.



Sorry, I guess I copy-pasted the wrong link.

Please retry. It is working now.


what is the status irshad?


@stultus I am training and testing the Indic-Roman transliteration systems. I’ll push the Hindi-Roman and Telugu-Roman systems by tomorrow.

I asked for a repo namely indic-trans in libindic to which I push my codes. But there is no such repo yet. Could you please make the repo and give me write access to it, so that I can directly add my codes to the repo.


Here is the repo -

Also please send the blog link to the student-projects mailing list. only yours is missing.


thanks for the repo
will send the blog link as soon as possible


Link to blog -